• Image of Honore et Amore (Full Album on Double Vinyl)

JR's 2nd solo album "Honore et Amore" on DOUBLE VINYL! JR's new solo album is now available on Vinyl. And because of the length of the album JR felt that it should come as a double album (2 records = 4 sides) in order keep the audio quality high. These two records are also to be played at 45rpm speed instead in of the more typical 33 1/3 speed in order to increase the audio quality even more :) • NOTE - this version of "Honore et Amore" also includes the rare never heard before bonus track "Never Alone".

This Double Vinyl version IS IN STOCK AND will ship in 1-4 DAYS.

1. I Will Wait
2. Walls
3. Tug of War
4. Carry On
5. Gorgeous
6. The Hope For Better Days (Cold War)
7. Mortals
8. Come to Tears
9. The Fading Light
10. Part of Something Beautiful
11. Never Alone (bonus track)

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